Friday, May 17, 2013

Being Idle

Doing nothing is tough,in my 3  years of professional career i never had this feeling ,and I always had complained to myself for not having enough time for myself, always being occupied , always finding a way to get busy.

Now this opportunity has popped out of no where and trust me ,This is the feeling i never felt.
I wondered and I asked myself , am i Being IDLE. and when the answer was assertive.

I made a checklist of when you cannot call yourself a idle.

  • If you are enjoying your weekend watching movie on your laptop or on Television you are not idle ,you are watching movie.
  • If you are reading novel you are not idle, you are reading.
  • If you are hanging out with friends you are not idle ,you are hanging out.
  • If you are meditating , your mind does nothing but you are meditating so you are not idle .
So what exactly is being idle

Out of my curiosity i Google what is the definition of IDLE .It says
idle means the act of doing nothing or no work"

So with the reference to this definition I can say i am idle.
As everyone face this situation while joining a new company.They will make you sit idle until you are rolled out in a new project.

So I took this opportunity to reach to the people and make them realize Enjoy this time , this is something you wanted or you will crave for once you will start getting work(Many of my friends have complained about it earlier when they switched the job).

when you are idle ,we being a humans' and a active social creature our mind will be flooded with all the thoughts like
  • You may end up questioning yourself about your own existence.(which i often do ).
  • your heartbreaks , if any.
  • your future plan , it can go weird sometimes.
  • your deepest concern ,which you never had courage of thinking.(no matter how much you avoid, it will come so go with the flow).
  • you may start questioning your interest.
It can be anything in this universe...
I will say wait for this time tighten your belts you never know when it comes , Grab it as a opportunity it will help you find yourself. it will help you find your interests and you may end up exploring yourself. You may re-invent yourself.

As i have found out few of my interests(Hope i can pursue them).

As my Dear Friend Sharon Says "Doing nothing is tough but if you can master the technique than you will be the one who gets the Liberation(Moksha) in this worldly pleasure."

Cheers , 
Dewang Vora

Keep smiling :)
keep Reading ...


  1. A Tough topic.. but you have tried :) ..

    Act of doing nothing includes... having no thoughts in mind as well... in fact the thought of doing nothing also should also be not there in mind... that is being idle :)

    1. That's true, it was tough to write...

      yep i missed that point completely ...but its too confusing isn't it . about no thoughts in mind and all

    2. According to me, Idle means not to do productive or constructive work. To think and to do are two seperate acts. When we say Idle mind then 'we mean no constructive thoughts'. Negative and waste thoughts should also be included in Idle mind. No thoughts is like a neutral act.
      Sometimes it is required and sometimes not.
      So when its is not required it is termed as Idle mind.
      Thats why we say IDLE MIND IS A DEVIL'S WORKSHOP.

    3. Your point is valid ..!!!
      But think of a situation where you are given system with few ebooks .few blogs and nthing else you cannot talk to people around , you cannot talk on phone to kill the time , nothing just u and you ...and at that point you have to except being idle :)