Sunday, December 26, 2010

Accept it

It takes a lot of motivation and courage to start writing and i was in search of it.
Thanks to "TEES MAAR KHAN"  which made me feel i should have done something better than watching the
movie for 3 hours(inspite of the terrible reviews).
When i was coming out of the movie, only one thought stuck my mind. Inspite of having read the bad
review about the movie i went for it and now i repent over my decision of watching it.
It gave me a headache,even disprin failed to work . It was a poor decision and it costed me.
this got me into a discussion with my virtual friend (i.e.,my thoughts).
inspite of knowing the effect of an action we still go for a few things which will cost us the very next day.
Though i know i have to go to office in the next morning i still watch movies till 2am which results into getting up late and reaching office late.
Though we know getting into some relationship will  bring lots of problems still we go for it ignoring the consequences,
only because we want it that if we keep our self open to others, their thoughts and ideas,
life will be much easier and will be fun and will be without pain.

keep enjoying life and accept what comes.


  1. hey vora ab lag raha hai bada ho gaya slog likhne laga hai..good goin bro..

  2. sir this is realy gud.....
    mast h.........

  3. Thnx 4 d review of Tees Maar khan..
    Gud way to start, keep it up..

  4. u r great bhai ..... ab to maintain kar blog slog likh raha hai .......good start......keep it up

  5. @shail ha bhai..bas hogaye bade ab ..
    @kaushal thanx bhai
    @all thanks..